babilbox - The one tool to manage your communities and grow an audience | Product Hunt

The One Place to Manage Your Communities.

babilbox helps you easily automate messages, comments and manage the communities and discussions you're part of in Product Hunt, Subreddits, Hacker News, Indie Hackers, (more to come) from one awesome tool.

What it Will Do.

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Audience Management at Scale.

This will help you stay engaged, reply, comment, and help your fellow members out in one fell swoop. Babilbox not only helps you stay relevant in the communities you are part of but it will help you build out your audience and develop a unique distribution channel at scale from an easy-to-use platform.

Our Space

We operate in a unique space where we can help you create genuine relationships and become a source of knowledge at scale. We fit snuggly in between writing lengthy articles and social media dopamine hits.



Through the use of some Really Cool Automation, AI Generated Content, Smart Engagement Triggers, we will make it easier to talk with your audience and not at them.

Pricing Plans.

Solo Founder - $49Community Officer - $79
100 MessagesUnlimited Messages
50 AutomationsUnlimited Automations
All CommunitiesAll Communities

If you think it sucks you get your money back.

You caught me before I was ready.

Thanks for the interest! I'm working hard to get babilbox into your hands soon. If you want to get notified when it's ready for early testing and a free article on Audience Building tips and insights then just put your email in. Also, you'll get an inside look into the product build and suggest features you want. Thanks!